ZYLE KNIFE SHARPENERS Blue Whetstone Knife Sharpener Home Kitchen Grinding Gadget Suitable for Knife

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Price: $27.28
(as of Jun 16,2021 20:42:21 UTC – Details)

– Product Name: Knife Sharpener / Whetstone / Grinding Machine / Sharpening Rod.
– color: blue.
– Material: Diamond, Aerospace Ceramics, ABS.
– Gross weight: 0.19 kg. After safe packaging: 0.60 kg.
– Product size: 16 x 6.2 x 4.0cm.

– Features: This small dolphin knife sharpener is creatively designed with high-quality materials and double-headed design to quickly sharpen the blade and ensure quality.

– This knife sharpener is suitable for kitchen knives, chef knives, fruit knives, etc. It does not apply to ceramic and jagged tools.

– Steps for usage:
* (rough grinding) Place the knife in the “rough grinding” V-groove and pull it a few times in the direction of the arrow (do not press the weight of the tool itself, do not push the tool back and forth)).
* (fine grinding) After rough grinding, position the knife in the finishing position and then pull it several times in the direction of the arrow. The blade becomes sharp. Usually, household kitchen knives only need to be “ground”. Edge cutting is used when the knife is blunt or without a blade.

– Reminder:
Fine grinding: Enhances the sharpness of the blade and repairs scratches on the blade.
Rough grinding: Quickly set the blade for blunt tools.

* This product is not suitable for sawtooth tools.
* Ceramic knives can only be ground in ceramic card slots.
* Ceramics change color after use, which is normal.
* Do not put the sharpener in the dishwasher or water, please keep it dry.
* Use light force when sharpening the knife. Do not pull back and forth to avoid damaging the blade.
* Do not leave it in a place where children can easily reach it to avoid accidents.

– Note: Product photos are taken in kind. Chromatic aberration usually occurs due to differences in light and angle. This is not a quality issue.

– Tool maintenance method:
* When cutting, you need to straighten to avoid
★ Use high-quality diamond aviation ceramic grinding head, wear-resistant and fast, and make the blade sharp.
★ feel good, not hurting the hand, more comfortable to use.
★ The bottom is equipped with a silicone bottom pad, which does not slide when used, making it safer and more durable.
It can make your tool shine, enhance the service life, safe and efficient.
After placing the order, we will arrange the delivery as soon as possible, the shipping time is about 15-25 days, please be patient, thank you for your understanding.

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