CUPDKS Personal Security Safety Alarm Combination,1 Pack with 2-130DB Birdie Personal Safety Alarm Keychain & 2 Distress Whistle & 3 Anti-Wolf Tactical Pen for Women,Girl,Children,Kid,Elderly




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Many single ladies are easily victims of dangerous tailgating,when danger comes,carry a defensive keychain that helps you protect yourself,get more attention and get out.When child is out of the guardian’s sight,it always makes people anxious,when the child is in an abnormal environment,the sound of the siren can make it easier for passers-by and guardians to detect,and help children out of danger.When the elderly with mobility impairments fall,can’t ask for help if the phone is not around,the alarm that you carry with you can be easily pulled up and the switch makes a distress sound,attract the attention of people nearby to help.This self-defense keychain product portfolio,suitable for single ladies,kids,college students,elderly,outdoor camping,adventure,night running,night workers.The world is beautiful,but accidents always occur,we hope this set of protective products can provide you,your friends and family with effective protection in the event of an accident.The colors of the security alarm and tactical pens in the product portfolio are random,safely enjoy the life.Add to cart now.

The self-defense keychain product portfolio can provide people facing accidental danger with more choices to ensure safety.The alarm can send out a 130db distress signal.The defensive pen can break the glass surface to escape,and can also give the offender an effective blow.The lifeguard whistle can continue to call for help when the alarm is out of power.This is definitely a combination of multiple guarantees and practical.
Personal security alarm keychain with led lights,The sound of this siren can reach 130db,The birdie personal security safety alarm can be heard from 350 yards away,The alarm sound can last for more than 30 minutes and the LED light flashes,Each alarm is equipped with 2 AAA batteries
Anti-Wolf Tactical Pen This self-defense weapon is made of solid aluminum Light weight, high strength, not easy to rust,Reasonable design allows users to easily hold and use,The pointed design can destroy the aggressor even if the strength is not strong,this is effective Protective equipment.
Distress whistle Made of reliable materials,Ensure effective use in more environments,Perfect design allows users to easily send out distress signals above 110db
This defensive keychain set is easy to carry,Can be easily put in the bag,It goes well with other keychains,These products are very suitable for single ladies, children, college students, the elderly, night workers,and this is definitely a good helper for outdoor adventure, hiking, outdoor jogger.Personal alarms have 1 year warranty service.Safely enjoy the life. Add to Cart now.


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