SPREEY Acrylic Paint Set of 18 Colors Large 18x59ml (2Oz) for Paint Supplies, Painting Canvas Wood Fabric, Nail Art, Gift, Rich Pigments Non Fading, Non Toxic Paints for Adults Kids Artists Beginners

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If you’re looking for something that’s economical but will also produce quality results. You can’t go wrong with this great set. An absolute delight for young artists at a very reasonable cost. SPREEY opens up a whole new world of possibilities to acrylic painters.Available in the following 18 colors: 76 Yellow Ochre; 687 Burnt Umber; 791 Mars Black; 302 Scarlet; 315 Crimson ; 560 Viridian Hue; 601 Raw Sienna; 684 Burnt Sienna; 6 90 Vandyke Brown; 104 Titanium White; 215 Lemon Yellow Hue ; 301 Orange Yellow; 324 Vermilion Hue; 443 Ultramarine; 450 Phthalo Blue; 423 Cobalt Blue; 559 Emerald Green; 568 Sap Green.


SPREEY acrylic paint set of 18 Colors Tubes (59 ml/2 oz.) have thick, rich, and creamy texture that are heavily pigmented for easy blending which is exactly what every artist are looking for.


Vibrant Colors Selection&Great Coverage


We have sorted out a few frequently asked questions by guests

Q1: Why does this paint smell?Buyer Answer:It smells because it is an acrylic paint. In my experience ALL acrylic paints have an odor, some stronger than others (and I have used many different brands over the last 40-odd years.)The smell of these paints is not terribly strong; certainly not overwhelming, in my opinion, and I am sensitive to strong odors. Once it dries, I don’t notice any odor at all.Q2: Can I use on glass/stone?Answer: Yes, it also can be used on a rock, canvas, fabric,wood,nail,glass, ceramic, leather, and other craft projects.Q3: Is it waterproof after drying?Answer:Yes, it is.Q4: It says outdoor on the box. Is this suitable for indoor painting as well?Answer:Yes, SPREEY Acrylic Paints are suitable for both indoor and outdoor painting.Q5: Can I work with this paint to make acrylic pouring?Answer: Yes, SPREEY Acrylic Paints can make acrylic pouring, canvas painting, rock painting, wooden or ceramics, and other craft projects painting.Q6: Can it be cleaned off from Windows?Answer: We recommend that you’d better be careful when painting because it is not easy to come off.

【Vibrant Colors Selection&Great Coverage 】Acrylic paint set for kids comes with a great assortment of colors. Colors can be mixed to create custom colors or be mixed with various textile mediums to make them into fabric paint as well ended up with a smooth finish. Matte acrylic paint set bulk can be used for airbrush painting with the use of a paint diluter. Acrylic pouring paint for canvas painting, rock painting, wooden or ceramics or other craft projects. Perfect for acrylic pour paintings
【Cheap Acrylic Paint 18 Colors for Outdoors Indoors】 Vibrant colors at an affordable price: Yellow acrylic paint, Burnt Umber, Black acrylic paint, Scarlet, Crimson, Viridian Hue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Vandyke Brown, White acrylic paint, Lemon Yellow Hue, Orange Yellow, Red acrylic paint, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, Sap Green. Waterbased acrylic paints went on so smoothly and it dries very quickly!
【Easy to Use and Storage】Acrylic paint set bottles not take up too much space. SPREEY acrylic paint set 2 oz come in very nice flip-top squeeze bottles with drippers that make it easy to apply the paints to the palette. Each bottle is individually sealed wont leak. Pigmentation is pretty consistent across colors, they’re easy to blend and thin out if you need a custom color or a wash, and they dry quickly. As a beginner in pour painting, we found these acrylic paints to mix and flow nicely
【ASTM D 4236 & AP Verification】 acrylic paint non-toxic and safe for kids so a great way to encourage families to get creative and have some fun. Acrylic paint 2oz set for kids.
【An Absolute Delight for Young Artists】 Fast Drying -This fast style of painting is what acrylic artists are most familiar with. Controlling Drying -To give yourself extra wet-in-wet blending time, use a fine mist water sprayer whenever you feel the paint getting tacky. This method usually provides enough on-the-spot blending time for most artists. Slow Drying – For prolonged wet-in-wet processes, use Slow Medium or Thick Slow Medium in conjunction with a fine mist water sprayer. (Not included)


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