GEEKHOM Bamboo Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware, 13 Inch Extra Large Wooden Wok Turners, Wood Spoons for Cooking 2 Pack, Heat Resistant Kitchen Utensils Set, Flipper for Pancake Fish Egg

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Product Description

Bamboo Cooking Utensils 2 PackBamboo Cooking Utensils 2 Pack

Flat Bamboo Spatulas & Slotted Spatula

Select the sustainable materials, made of 100% bamboo, healthy for your family.

This safe and natural wooden spatula set will be your favorite choice for cooking.

Bamboo Wooden Slotted Spatula

Bamboo Wooden Slotted Spatula

Bamboo Turner

Bamboo Turner

Nonstick Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

Nonstick Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

Bamboo Slotted Spatula

Convenient for cooking omelette and burgers, easy to take cookies from baking sheet, draining foods from liquids and sauces.

Bamboo Wooden Turner

This regular spatula can meet various needs for cooking, perfect for high heat stirring, not generate any toxic substance under high temperature.

Nonstick Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

Protect your cookware, no damage to the coating of pan and pot, just enjoy your cooking time with the bamboo spatula.

Natural bamboo materialNatural bamboo material

Why Choose the Bamboo Kitchen Utensil

Natural bamboo material

Bamboo is a sustainable resource compared to wood, it grows rapidly (the growth cycle is about 3 years) that fast than normal trees (the growth cycle is about 6 years).

Hard and durable cooking tools

Far superior to beech wood, bamboo is solid than normal wood. Benefit from its hardness and durability, the bamboo utensils have a long-lasting lifespan than other wooden utensils. As the high density than beech wood, bamboo kitchen tools are not easy to go mouldy and deformed.

Hardness and Density Comparison

Bamboo>Beech Wood

Density(g/cm): bamboo– 1.49

Density(g/cm): beech wood– 0.63

Hardness(HB): bamboo– 0.7

Hardness(HB): beech wood– 0.6



• For first cleaning, please do not wash them in hot water, that may damage the bamboo utensils.It’s better to wash them with salt water, and then clean it under rush water.

• Please do not clean the bamboo utensil with steel wool, that will scratch its surface.

• These bamboo kitchen utensils are not dishwasher safe, hand wash for longer life.

Caution: Please avoid prolonged soaking, and we recommend you dry them by hanging before storing.

Safe and Natural Kitchen Utensil: These cooking tools are made of the 100% bamboo, healthy for your family. Sustainable material makes it Eco-friendly. Easy to wash with smooth edges. Fit for various pots and pans cookware.
Protect Your Nonstick Cookware: Happy cooking by using this Bamboo Utensil, without worrying about the spatula may damage the coating of your pans. It will not scratch the non-stick coating of the pot. Easy to stir-fry with the 15 degree bevel design, make your cooking more convenient.
Durable with Hardness: Bamboo kitchen utensil has a longer lifespan than other wooden and plastic utensils. Perfect for high heat stirring with well Crack Resistance. Bamboo cooking tools are Not Easy to Go Mouldy, totally safe in use.
Space Saving: This bamboo cooking utensil takes less space on the shelf/cabinet. Each spatula is designed with a bigger hanging hole, you can hang up the utensil to save space. Moreover, the longer handle is comfortable to use.
Lifetime warranty: If any quality problems occur when using, please don’t worry, CONTACT US, we will give you a free replacement. GEEKHOM is committed to providing you a better life.

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