Large Bamboo Cutting Board for Kitchen – Natural Condensed Bamboo Chopping Board is Cleaner and Prolongs Knife Life | Chop Hot and Cold Foods- Won’t Warp Splinter or Crack | 18” x 12”

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Price: $19.99
(as of Jun 12,2021 16:23:32 UTC – Details)

Kyoto Chef: Bamboo Cutting Board with Grooves The LAST wooden cutting board for kitchens you will ever need… Plastic cutting boards become gross and stained from the different foods you slice over time. And that’s just what you see on the outside – they accumulate grime that could be passing to your fresh foods every time you cut them! Ewww. Now it’s time to protect you, your family and your foods! Our bamboo chopping boards naturally are cleaner – which means you don’t need to worry about food buildup since they dry themselves. The SECRET is our condensed bamboo. Other competitors use cheap wood that splinters over time because it was manufactured loosely, sabotaging the natural benefits of bamboo wood. We build, test and retest all of our large cutting boards before shipping them to you. Love our Cutting Boards for LIFE – you’ll never go back!

LARGE Kitchen Cutting Board: [18 x 12 Inches] – Our reversible cutting board gives you all the space you need to chop, cut, and organize your slices for a fun, stress less cooking experience.
[Chop HOT & COLD Foods with Ease] – Slices Foods Like: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and pastries. The heat resistant capabilities of our handle cutting board allow you to cut hot, fresh foods without harming the cutting board itself.
[Handles Heavy Chicken Chopping] & [Protects Knife Sharpness at Same Time!]: Our durable large cutting board is made from REAL, condensed bamboo! – tested and proven to withstand thousands of slices while helping your knives retain their lifespan (saving you money)!
[Less Liquids] + [Less Mess] = Cleaner Surface: Only Oil Every 30 Days – Thanks to the natural bamboo and its aversion to soaking up water – you can slice up juicy foods without accumulating their odors and liquids. Simply hand wash our kitchen wood cutting board and oil it once per month to keep it looking like new!
WILL NOT Warp, Crack or Splinter: [100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE] – We take pride in the construction of all our Wood Bamboo cutting boards! We are so confident that this will be the best dark wooden cutting board you’ve ever used that we guarantee it will last as long as you live! – Any problems, let us know for a prompt refund.

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