Soda Maker Sparkling Water Maker with 1L Carbonized Bottle(Does not include the cylinder) Sparkling Water Machine for Home Soda Carbonator

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Product Description


Soda maker has always been popular with consumers, more and more young people are more fascinated by the happiness it brings. It is easy to operate, easy to carry, suitable for a variety of occasions. It can be made into carbonated water in a few seconds without power supply and battery. It only needs simple operation to drink refreshing carbonated water. MENZSODA tries to use the best materials and design to provide customers with the best quality products, so that everyone can happily drink carbonated water.

Four Important Steps to Operate A Soda Maker:

Non-threaded bottle holder

Non-threaded bottle holder

Bottle Installation

Bottle Installation

Inflation Button

Inflation Button

Residual Gas Exhaust Button

Residual Gas Exhaust Button

Non-threaded Bottle Holder

Non threaded bottle holder: it is more simple and convenient than threaded installation.

Installation of Water Bottle

When installing the water bottle on the soda maker, align the water bottle mouth with the buckle of the soda maker directly, and then rotate the water bottle right into the soda maker. Advantages: simple installation and convenient operation.

Inflation Button

Inflation button: when carbonated soda water is needed, this button is used to fill the water with CO2 gas.

Residual Gas Exhaust Button

Residual Gas Exhaust Button:After filling the water bottle with CO2 gas, this button needs to be pressed to release the residual CO2 gas. Note: if this button is not pressed, the water bottle will not be removed.

Detailed Operation Steps of Soda Maker:


Method of OperationMethod of Operation


Product Configuration and Matching

PET Bottle

1pcs x 1000ML(It is not compatible with other brands of soda maker)

Soda Maker

1pcs x Soda Maker


1pcs x Manual

CO2 Cylinder

Does not include Co2 cylinder (It is compatible with cylinders in all regions except Australia)

Economy and durability
Easy to use
Good taste

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