2 Stainless Steel (Best Quality, Accurate) Temperature Probes for Multi-Probe Smart Bluetooth Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometers: Sensor, Handle, Cable Resist up to 716°F / 380°C




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2 STAINLESS STEEL TEMPERATURE PROBES-used as additional probes for 6-probe Digital Meat Thermometers (sold separately)
-Tephlon Cable w/Stainless Steel Mesh: 120 cm (about 47”)
-Stainless Steel Handle (1 ¼”)
-Probe and Sensor (4”)
-Storage Rack keeps cable tidy (resists up to 176°F: remove before use)HERE’S A STORY, (of a lovely lady–no, that’s a different story) about STAINLESS STEEL probes named DoneWell and DoneRight.
IT ALL BEGINS WITH the manufacturer wanting the BEST for ALL CUSTOMERS. After tests, tests, and more tests, DoneWell and DoneRight passed with flying colors. They entered the GAME OF PROBES, and qualified with excellent accuracy. Their competition . . . Burnie, Spike, OneProbe, Tangled, LeaveIn, and Washout. BURNIE was scared because he had been scarred in the past. He was a silicone handled probe that got burned in the fire, and now he is discolored. He came in third place. SPIKE was excited to play the game, but he was not accurate, because his temperature readings jumped all over the place. He finished in fifth place. ONEPROBE was all by himself attached to his thermometer unit. To keep up with the temperatures of all the different meat on the grill, he had to go from meat to meat and just fell behind the competition. He finished in fourth place. TANGLED, without a convenient storage rack, got the cable knotty (not nice), so he ended up in sixth place. LEAVEIN was an instant read probe, cheaply made, and didn’t even qualify for the game. WASHOUT spent too long in the pool and didn’t show up.
USE AS ADDITIONAL PROBES for multi-probe Bluetooth Wireless Remote Meat Thermometers. Our Smart Digital Meat Thermometers can be purchased separately that can use up to 6 probes at one time. Just put your temperature probe in the meat, and the other end of the cable in the thermometer. Use the 2 colored beads to distinguish between other probes being used at the same time. The free APP will let you know when it’s done with an alarm. Then, ENJOY to your desired doneness.
The MOST HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL PROBES available. The probe sensor, the stainless steel handle, and the 47-inch (120 cm) Teflon cable with stainless steel mesh ALL can resist a high temperature of 716°F/380°C. This is MUCH higher quality than the silicone handle on other probes that only resist up to 482°F/250°C
The CONVENIENT STORAGE RACK provided with each probe gives an easy compact way to keep your cable untangled when not in use. However, this is only for storage purposes, and should not be used when cooking in the oven, for barbecue grilling or smoking, since it only resists up to 176°F/80°C.
GIVE QUALITY CARE FOR YOUR PROBES: Probes can be washed by hand, but they are NOT dishwasher safe. Do NOT submerge your probes in water. Do NOT use your probes in a microwave oven. Keep open fire flames away from probes, as they could be hotter than 716°F/380°C.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We expect for you to be EXTREMELY SATISFIED. Our products are the BEST quality. Our probes are highly STABLE and ACCURATE. If you are not thrilled with your purchase, or if anything is not of the best quality, we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.


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