Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy Pop It Sensory Toy Silicone Stress Reliever Autism Special Needs Decompression Toy for Family Kids Adults Gift (2 Pack) (Pink+Purple)




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This sensory fidget toy sets designed for all ages. Not only can relief pressure, train kid’s logical thinking and mental arithmetic ability, prevent brain degeneration, but also a tool to strengthen interaction and emotional exchange of each other. They also can be used as gift, coaster, frisbee, pet toy, etc.

Suitable for all kinds of people. For example, kids, children, toddlers, adults, seniors, family, office workers, students, teachers, ADD/ADHD, OCD and autistic, etc. Portable and lightweight design, great for playing in car, restaurant, camping, office, school, home, playground, travel, etc. Anytime and anywhere to play!

Fast brain game rules of Last One Lost:
1.Players take turns pressing down one or more connected mice in any row.
2.The opponent presses the mouse in this row or the new row. Each player should press one line max at a time, cannot interlaced.
3.The one who pressed the last mouse lost.
You can make your own game rules for more fun!

Materials: Food grade silicone
Package Weight: 57g / 2 oz
Size: 4.92 in * 4.92 in
Ages: 3 years old and above
Package include: 2 pack sensory toys

Warm Notes:
1.Please keep away from strong acid and alkali objects, away from fire, and avoid sunlight exposure.
2.Do not touch with the sharp things to avoid cutting bad.
3.Clean the toys using a mild detergent or disinfectant, rinse them in clean water and air dry.

Anxiety & Stress Reliever: Feel relaxed with the pleasant popping sounds and bright colors, this pop sensory toy can effectively help kids, youth, adults and elderly relieve from pressure and tension in learning/work/life, calm them down and refocus on
Educational Sensory Toys: Play with this silicone squeeze toy, children, ADD/ADHD, OCD and autistic can exercise logical thinking ability, concentration and social skills, get spiritual comfort and emotional release. It can also help elders prevent from brain degeneration
Enjoyable Game Tool: 2 players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row, the one squeezing down the last mouse lost, then flip and start again. More game rules, more fun. A nice toy to improve relationships and enhance parent-child interaction
Safe and Durable: Made of environmental and friendly food grade silicone, BPA free, non-toxic, tasteless, the popping push toy will not cause any harm to humans and pets; One-piece firm design, easy-to-clear waterproof material, can be reused for a long time
Play Anytime Anywhere: Small and bendable travel game toy, convenient to carry it in pocket or bag, keep hands busy in a car, restaurant, camping, school, office, queuing, playground and etc., drive away boredom, ideal gifts for kids friends on Birthday, Christmas, Children’s Day


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