Wireless (WIFI) Temperature & Humidity Controller




Price: $169.99
(as of Mar 27,2021 12:33:49 UTC – Details)

Update: Product module upgraded to TH220A-W.

This plug-n-play controller can be used for sausage curing, green houses, incubators and other similar applications. It can control both temperature (heating or cooling) and humidity (humidifying or dehumidifying) at the same time. The temperature unit can be set to either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Auber’s TH220-W controller can be used in high relative humidity (>85%) conditions or even in a condensing environment, which are among the most challenging conditions for humidity controllers. Its sensor is one of the most robust humidity sensors on the market. It can be fully recovered even if the sensor is wet.

The controller has a two-line LED display, one for temperature and one for humidity; two output sockets, one for heating/cooling devices and one for humidifier/dehumidifier; a sensor that measures both temperature and humidity. The power input cord has US NEMA 5-15P plug. The power output sockets are US NEMA 5-15R output socket.

For TH220-W, the complimentary smart phone app AuberSmart is available for free for both iOS and Android devices. Features: 1) Access the device remotely. 2) Easy to view and analyze the performance. 3) User-friendly interface. 4) An integrated solution. 5) Easy to configure Wi-Fi connection.

Power output limit: 15A, combined total power of the two output channels.

For its spec, please check its manual:
Instruction manual: https://bit.ly/2wvDh5O
Supplementary manual for wifi model: https://goo.gl/a7TPf5
App for Android: https://goo.gl/QVjJzL
App for iOS: https://goo.gl/OZkU2Y

Controller measures and controls both humidity and temperature remotely. Two independent outputs: humidifying or dehumidifying, heating or cooling.
Separate humidity control parameters are introduced to limit the humidity output to reduce reading swing.
Reliable sensor can be used in high humidity (>85% RH) and condensing environments.
Plug-n-play controller. No wiring is needed. Has high and low limit alarms. Build-in audio buzzer.


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